Dog Licenses expires DECEMBER 31st each year

Dog license fees:
Neutered or Spayed — $7.00
Unneutered or Unspayed — $14.00
Kennel license (for up to 12 dogs) — $60.00
Late Fee (After March 31st) – $20.00

No license will be issued without a RABIES VACCINATION CERTIFICATE. An invoice is not sufficient.

To obtain a license, please submit a current rabies vaccination certificate, the appropriate fee and a self address stamped envelope. Please make checks payable to the Town of Plymouth.
By Mail – Town of Plymouth, 120 Suhrke Rd, Plymouth, WI 53073
Drop Box – Located to the left of the office entrance door
In-Person – During office hours

A Dog License must be obtained annually, or, when the dog becomes 5 (five) months of age, or, within 30 (thirty) days of acquiring ownership of a licensable dog.
Failure to obtain a license by March 31st will result in a late fee for each dog.
The license is NOT be transferrable from one dog to another.
Please notify the Treasurer if you no longer own your dog or if your dog has passed away.
Landlords please advise your tenants to license any dogs kept on your property.

Wisconsin Statutes (Sections 95.21(2), 174.05, and 174.07(1) (b)) require all dogs that are 5 (five) months of age or older are to be licensed.