Fee Schedule

Administrative FeesFee Amount
Copies (black & white)$ .25 per page
Copies (color)$ 1.00 per page
NSF Checks$ 35.00 plus bank fees
Special Assessment Letters$ 20.00 per parcel
Records Request: Document Search Charge$ 25.00 per hour
Records Request: Shipping and MailingActual Cost
Building PermitsFee Amount
New HomeVaries (see application)
Remodel (anything over $2,000.00)Varies (see application)
Plumbing Permit (anything over $2,000.00)$100.00
Electrical Permit (anything over $2,000.00)$100.00
HVAC (anything over $2,000.00)$100.00
Raze Permit$ 35.00
Driveway & CulvertFee Amount
Driveway Permit (Town Road)$ 75.00
CulvertActual Cost
Zoning & Land UseFee Amount
Conditional Use Permit$300.00
Land Division$300.00
Certified Survey Map$100.00
Special Public Hearing (if available)$400.00
Use of Town HallFee Amount
Town Resident$ 75.00
Security Deposit$ 50.00
BurningFee Amount
Burning Permit$ 5.00
Tax ExemptFee Amount
Tax Exempt Forms$ 10.00
Liquor LicenseFee Amount
Combination Beer & Liquor (Taverns)$200.00
Class B Fermented Beer Only$100.00
Class A Packaged Beer$100.00
Class A Retailer’s (Beer Only)$ 25.00
Picnic License$ 10.00
Operator License$ 25.00
Provisional License$ 15.00
Cigarette License$ 50.00
Lost or Destroyed License$ 25.00
Change in Agent$ 10.00
Publication Fee$ 22.00
Dog License Fee Fee Amount per dog
Spayed or Neutered$ 7.00
Unspayed/Unneutered$ 14.00
Late Fee (after March 31st) per dog$ 20.00